The Mission of Light

We are among the people!

There are so many beautiful causes to support: the orphans, clean water, anti-war, refugees, human trafficking, The needs are vast. Light Partnership fights for the Orphan battling HIV/Aids

Children don’t have rights in developing counties like India. Everyone, including the children, have to work hard for everything. Simple things like water, shelter, and education can be difficult to access, so the idea of having a happy childhood can be near impossible. At LIGHT, not only do we take care of the simple things, but we are here to give destitute children back their innocence, dignity and teach them how to flourish in a situation where the odds are stacked against them . Together with our donors we are rewriting the story for children suffering with HIV!

Where your born and who your born as dictates your direction in life.

India’s caste system is alive and well. It’s keeps millions of children trapped in social and physical bondage. Being born into the ST cast (untouchable) or worse, being born with HIV AIDS, guarantees poverty. The invisible ceiling is nearly impossible to break through, but with our supporters hand in hand WE ARE SEEING THE CHILDREN OVER COME THE ODDS!

Our care givers and volunteers help supply vocational and life-skill training in the homes we build. We believe in re-writing the narrative for the children. We raise all our children to believe that they are empowered and destined to overcome!

LIGHT Partnership is committed to standing with every child in our care as they transition to become a vital member of society.



This week I lost my grandfather and I wanted to honor him by giving others an opportunity to give to a cause he believed it. The day I posted about him I got a private message from a family member saying ” How dare you use “my brother’s death to raise money for yourself, SHAME …


This week Nimmy and I visited an orphanage. We walked in to find a collection of malnourished children who were found orphaned on the streets. The Indian census says, “About 20 million children, about 4% of their population in India and higher than people living in Delhi, are orphan. Of them, parents of only 0.3% …


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LIGHT Partnership, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is managed by a small group of committed volunteers. We have a range of projects centered on children in south India. We view all of our benefactors and beneficiaries equally: as partners with a meaningful and unique purpose. We want all of our partners to experience the love and fulfillment that is generated by these collaborative efforts.


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