The Mission of Light

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There are so many beautiful causes to support: the orphan, the widow, clean water, anti-war, refugees, human trafficking – sadly the list goes on and on.

LIGHT Partnership operates various projects in rural India. Our goal is to bring care to orphans, destitute children, and teens.

LIGHT has a ten-year standing partnership with our local village community, which oversees nearly 350 families. We strive to provide excellent medical care and we have a close partnership with the Tamil Nadu ART Center, which provides medications and treatment for orphans living with HIV/AIDS.

The mission of LIGHT Partnership is to provide a family environment where vocational and life skills training can empower the world’s most vulnerable children and young adults.



This week I lost my grandfather and I wanted to honor him by giving others an opportunity to give to a cause he believed it. The day I posted about him I got a private message from a family member saying ” How dare you use “my brother’s death to raise money for yourself, SHAME …


This week Nimmy and I visited an orphanage. We walked in to find a collection of malnourished children who were found orphaned on the streets. The Indian census says, “About 20 million children, about 4% of their population in India and higher than people living in Delhi, are orphan. Of them, parents of only 0.3% …


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LIGHT Partnership, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is managed by a small group of committed volunteers. We have a range of projects centered on children in south India. We view all of our benefactors and beneficiaries equally: as partners with a meaningful and unique purpose. We want all of our partners to experience the love and fulfillment that is generated by these collaborative efforts.


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