A Little Light

I walked one night through the tiny village where my house is. It’s a really tiny unimportant place composed of mostly uneducated farmers. Little cement 7×7 square encase families ranging from 5-10 members. For most of the day I had been feeling troubled by thoughts of loneliness. My concentration and I lifted my head just in time to see a small flicker of light in the field ahead of me. I at first took it for a small fire, After all I was way to far to assess what it was exactly. As I drew closer and closer I saw a small figure wrapped around it. There in the middle of this field was a small girl no older than the age of seven holding a tiny candle. I crouched down beside her and asked in Tamil what are you doing? She replied I’m looking for my money. Yevelo Ponum kutti poeni (How much money small girl?) I asked. “Two rupee”, I was amazed. “Your looking for a two rupee coin”? As I walked further and further away the light got smaller but she continued to diligently search.

Soon I could now longer see the flicker of her light. Her heart reviled just just how wasteful I am. I laughed at her for searching for an amount only important to her because in my own thinking two rupees doesn’t count as money. It’s like the people who throw away their pennies with the “You know how many of these stupid things I have to have actually buy something”. What an incredibly rich little girl, how poor have i become when the things God has handed me stop meaning anything to me. Some times I find myself being completely distressed over the sufferings of other people. Some people have been given crosses of much greater weight to carry then mine. I’m tempted to feel guilty over how gentle God has been to me.I’ve told you in previous emails about the challenges that girls have to go through in India. Even though the country is growing and changing rapidly so many corners in India remain completely unaffected by those changes and advancements.

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